Activity Centres

The Timmins Children's Water Festival features 30 Activity Centres that are based around five basic water themes: Water Conservation, Water Protection, Water Attitude , Water Science and Water Technology.

All Activity Centres:

Are connected to the grades 2,3 and 4 curriculum in ways to help students achieve the desired expectation (Science & Technology, Social Studies and Physical Education);

Are designed to be hands-on and experiential as possible in order to enhance and personalize the learning;

Provide for holistic learning in an environment that demonstrates the integration of people, phenomena and ideas;

Are geared to the interests, abilities and special needs of learners.

On Thin Ice

Students will learn about Climate Change and how it is changing the environment. Students will participate in a game of musical chairs using hula-hoops to represent ice caps where polar bears live. As the music stops each student will have to rush to get to an ice cap. As the game goes on and the climate worsen hula-hoops will be removed from the game. When there is only one polar bear left, students will discuss ways to reduce their impact on the environment and help combat climate change.

Glow Germ Go

In this activity, students will observe the numerous amounts of germs carried on their hands and the importance of proper hand-washing in removing these germs.

Pioneer Water Race

Taking a trip back in time, students will investigate how pioneers obtained water needed for their family and farm animals. By participating in a water-carrying race, students will experience how pioneers (as well as some people in some parts of the world today) transport water, and compare this to municipal water delivery systems in our own community today.

Will it Float?

This activity shows student's how an object's shape, size and material effects whether it will sink or float.

Power of Water

In this activity student's will learn how electricity is made using falling water. They will also learn about safety around dams, hydroelectric stations and surrounding waterways.

Re-Use It

Reduce and Reuse. This activity centre will teach children/youth to think creatively and understand that we should try and reuse objects before they are recycled or put in the garbage

Bucket Brigade

Student's will compare fire-fighting methods of the 1800's to those of present day.

Timmins Taste Test

Students will have the opportunity to compare the taste and smell of municipality treated drinking water and bottled water and learn about some of their differences and similarities.